About the Process

The aim of counselling is to help you find a way forward that suits you and your situation.  It does not provide all the answers but it allows all the questions to be asked.  It provides a safe place to explore your world and look at what you might like to change.  It supports you through some of those changes.  It gives you space to visit the past, accept the present and hope for the future.

Counselling takes place in a relationship with your counsellor where you are accepted for who you are without judgement, where you are treated with respect and where your thoughts and feelings are valued.

There are a number of counselling ‘approaches’ which may be used such as person centred, Egan, TA etc.  To find out more about these you could look them up on the Internet or try your local library.  The Olive Tree Centre Counsellors each have their own approach which you can ask them about.  Their aim is always to do what will help you most.

Counselling has ‘boundaries’ which ensure yours and the counsellor’s safety.  Most counselling sessions last an hour unless previously agreed otherwise.  Confidentiality is maintained unless specific issues are revealed (see our contract for details of these).  Contact between sessions is minimal.